GetFlash - Get flash from web pages in a quick and easy way


Preview the flash file

You can click the flash file list to preview flash files.

How to get the Internet webpage flash files

Input web address, press go button. Then you will get a flash file list. Select the flash file in the list, then click the save button to save the flash file.

How to change the target folder

Click the change destination button. Then choose the target folder that you want to store the flash files.

How to go back to previous page

You just need to click the back button in the navigation menu, then you can go back to the previous page. We design an interface that is similar to IE such that everyone can use GetFlash easily

How to view the page if it is in pop up window

You can select the "Handle pop up" option in the Properties menu. Then GetFlash will handle the pop up window web page for you.

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